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Technical rider

Technical rider

Herbpirates Stage :

Git L Drums Bass
Keys Vocal Git R



1. Bassdrum B 52 Gate
2. Snare SM 57
3. Timbales SM 57
4. Hit Hat KM 184
5. Tom 1 e 605 Gate
6. Tom1 e 605 Gate
7. Tom 3 e 605 Gate
8. Floor Tom e 605 Gate
9. Overhead L KM 184
10. Overhead R KM 184
11. Bass Actice DI comp
12. Git L e 609
13. Git R e 609
14. Keys L1 active DI comp
15. Keys R1 active DI comp
16. Keys L2 active DI comp
17. Keys R2 active DI comp
18. Vocal Drum SM 58 comp
19. Vocal Center SM 58 comp
20. FX Drum L Hall
21. FX Drum R Hall
22. FX Timbales L Hall
23. FX Timbales R Hall
24. FX Vocal L Delay
25. FX Vocal R Delay

We are happy to work at festivals with 2x detached bass drum, snare and bass micros.

Really appreciated would be as well if each musician could have an own monitor with an own monitor channel.

This Stage plan is not a must. It's more like a guideline!!

If you have technical questions please use the contact formula.


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