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Thanks to those which we have at our last gig in 2012 in Cologne Barinton supported. It gave us a lot of fun to play once again made ​​for you.
Pictures from the Gig at baritone location can be found as usual within our Mediathek.
so long

The Herbpirates Live on stage at Barinton Cologne including Aftershowparty.
So let have a party together.
So long The Herbpirates

Hey Folks and Friends,
may you seen it already.
If not, you can download it here directly.

Download The Herbpirates Flyer


Hey Folks and Friends,
At the Hoppe Garden, we recently presented our second CD release. The first reactions were very promising. The new disc (EP) with 7 tracks and approximately 30 minutes of brand new Songs are produced by ourselves and recorded in the Arisestudio / Hamm. Without professional marketing it is quite difficult these days to distribute our new stuff. Therefore we do have a special offer for you.
For only 8 euros including shipping within Germany you can now order the new CD in our Shop! (Just click on the CD and you will be forwarded to directly to our Shop) In addition you can also buy the new CD at the bookstore "accents" / Oststr. 13, Start Music / Oststr. 9-11 and at Hans Music / Martin-Luther-Str. 41-43
(all stores are located in 59065 Hamm)
We would like to say hank’s to all for the kind cooperation

Buy the way, our first CD "special kind of Reggae Vol 1" is available again, and can be purchased for 8 euros including shipping within Germany as well.
Enjoy !!!

Hey Folks and Friends,
yesterday we had again a really good time at the "Hoppe Garden Location" in Hamm and we are looking forward to repeat this gig. Thanks much for your fantastic support.
We want to correct at this point the Today's report from the Newspaper magazine WA Hamm, which states that it was the HBB winner gig, but it wasn't, it was a concert as part of "Alte Säcke Revue".
We would like to organize a winner gig together with the bands "Gypsy Cab" and "The Golden Edge" at the beginning of 2013. You can find some pictures and impression within our media canter as usual.
Kind regards

Complete LIVE concert of HERB PIRATES for smal pocket (€ 6) at Hoppe Garden next weekend- this is most probably our last gig this year in Hamm
Another possebility is to see us in some weeks in Cologne - More info will follow.
so long!

On saturday the 06.10. an official demonstration takes place in Hamm (near the railway station)...AGAINST FASCISM IN GERMANY!
So if there´s anyone in town of you, come to this meeting and let´s set an example for it! Our showtime: about 13:00 (noon)

Hello Folks,
We would like to thank the organizers, helpers and the other bands for the great OFM Meeting festival in Hoexter/Steinheim last weekend.
It was a real pleasure for us to play for you, to listen to the music of the other Bans and to spend the weekend with you in such a smooth atmosphere.
We already looking forward to the next OFM meeting and we are sure that this upcoming festival will also be a great event.

Hey Folks and Friends,
what a great night, what a great week!!!
We still cannot believe after our GIG on the „Raggae Summer Night“ that we won the contest of Hamms beste Band last weekend.
You confirmed once more that we do have such a great audience in Hamm which are fully supporting those events.
Therefore we would like to thank you once more for your great support and we are totally happy to be “Hamms beste Band 2012” Many Thanks as well to other Bands,
the organization, assistance and congratulation to the other winner.You can find some more impression as usual within our Mediathek.
If you like to see us again next week, you are welcome to meet us at the Old Friend Meeting Festival in Höxter.
You can find additional information with regards to the Festival here.
Thanks again, have nice time in Love, Peace & Unity

Hey Folks !!!
We would like to say thank you very much for the terrific support at yesterday's Reggae Summer Night 2012.
You have been such a great audience and you made ??it as great experience for us too. These are the GIG's where you have a great feeling as Musician
and you know that it was worth to practice it such a long time. You can find already some impressions from us within our Picture-Gallery.
We certainly hope to see you all again at Hamms Beste Band on 08/09/2012 and we wish you till then a great time.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us during our Gig at the Phoenix Open Air Festival on 24.08.2012. It was again pleasure to play for such a great audience
and we hope to see again at the "Reggae Summer Night 2012" on Saturday 01.09.2012 in Hamm

Did you know, that our guitar player Thomas Nickisch has won a band competition called "Emil-Löhnberg-Culture-Award 1991" in his hometown Hamm in the popular music
division with his former band? This competition was the previous before "Hamms Beste Band".

Yeah we got it, our third gig within 3 weeks:
8.24.2012 Beckum, Phoenix Open Air
01.09.2012 Hamm, International Reggae Summer Night (with LEE SCRATCH PERRY)
08.09.2012 Hamm's Beste Band
We are more than happy and we are looking foward to meet you there.

the wheather is fucking bad here in Hamm/Germany, but the sun will shine again SOON! latest on 04. + 05.08. in Beckum at the Phönix-Festival and of course on 01. Sept.
at the international Reggae Summer Night 2012 in Hamm/Kulturrevier Radbod.
The official line up:
The Herbpirates, Jamaica Papa Curvin, Martin Zobel, Fantan Mojah und LEE PERRY !

The Herbpirates at "Reggae Summer Night" again. We`ll open the festival on saturday the first of september...we`re looking forward to this nice event.
more informations...soon come

Did you know that THE HERBPIRATES was originally intended only as a recording project?  The track "H1N1 Dub" has been created end of 2009.
The swine flu seems indeed overcome, but who knows ... It would probably be difficult to perform this track live, but nevertheless, it is a cool thing, provocative, and worthy.
The video is quit crazy, psychedelic ... and a certain strange sense of humor should not be missed on such a provocative thing. Anyone who has seen us live will know
that we try reggae beats with different musical styles. The "H1N1 Dub" is another example. The guitars were all recorded by Thomas Nickisch. Responsibility for the rest,
text and visual realization of the video is Thomas Krischer.
Have fun.
The video can be found in our media section under "Various other videos"

Now it’s time to say thanks to JÖRG SATUR! Jörg was the Guy how did the majority  off  the Videos since our band has been founded.
Unfortunately (for us) he will no longer stay in Hamm, since he realized his dream and moved to another city, for a totally new style of living.
Respect for this decision! The Pirates want you say thank you for all the great stuff you did for us. Thanks…. and all the best for the future. ... By the way ...
it’s just  2-3 hours on the road and we see us again…

Our next live-Gig will be Friday 25.08. at the Phönix Open-air festival Beckum. More details and timing will follow soon.
"Live im GREIF"
For Videos have a look here.

Currently we are working hard to get the latest songs mixed for our new Album. First impressions are pretty well, so you can be curious about the outcome.

We would like to say thanks to all you for the positive feedback with regards to our Live-Gig at Greif Lünen. It was a real pleasure to play for such a grat audience.
Thanks much!!! We are looking forward to see you again most probably at the end of December at the same Location.
For some pictures and impression please click here ->

The LÜKAZ Lünen is a great location! Stage, lighting and sound are there professionally. Our gig there at the traditional concert series "Wheel of HIV" was well received!
Among other things we could get in touch with the band "Jaya the Cat" ... cool people, cool music! By the way.... this was our first gig with our new keyboarder Dirk Bähner.

Fortunately, we could find quit fast a new Keyboarder. DIRK Bähner. Great guy with many years of musical experience on stage! Open to new sounds, new people, new vibration ...

Our long-time band member and good friend Martin Klein has asked us, to let him go at the beginning of the year. The time he has spend for the band  just became too much.
With the last gig with 1000 audiences in Dortmund Keuning Haus, during Jamdown reggae party, a little era came to an end. Martin was already over 20 years with singer
Thomas Krischer member of reggae band DIFFERENT STYLE. Until next time... Hope we meet you soon...All the best.......


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