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we wish you a Merry Christmas and would like to thank again for your great support in 2016. We hope to see you in high spirit as well in 2017.



Hey Folks, Friends and Fans...we are happy to announce that we are celebrating (once more) our traditional festival with a special Guest....support by "MITTE OKTOBER" as of 20:30 at the Hoppegarden Hamm on 25.12.2017.
So let's have a party together !!!

Hey Folks, Fans & Friends!
We do have again the pleasure to play next Saturday 29.10. at the LA VIDA 2.0 location in Lemgo hope to see you there.

Winterberg was great!
Thanks much to the great Audience and the Uppu Team...
We hope to see you again somewhere!!!

Next Saturday we will be part of the Nightgroove-Festival in Winterberg/Sauerland

We are happy to be an active part at POHLS MÜHLE on 17.09.2016
(Showtime of The Herbpirates will be 21:00)
So let’s have a huge party together.

5 weeks....and we hope to see you on the legendary Hammer Reggae Summer Night festival! More Infos at revelation-concerts

Here our new official Video....Human Behavior.
Merci to Michael Krämer and Christian Conforti for helping to create this Video.

On Saturday the 25.06.2016 we are plying for a (very) good thing! We and also the Hammer forum would be happy, if you would join us

Yesterday we been guests in the JVA Schwerte. The guys liked it! It was once again an extraordinary experience. We already had 2 years ago the pleasure in the JVA Werl! Of course you can argue about such gigs ... must be, etc.? No. Of course not, nevertheless, from our point of view, it is definitely recommendable to play as a band there ... especially if you can drive home afterwards! Here is an opinion from Jaqueline Bierkämper (Facebook): "Not everyone is sitting because they have done something inhumane, and some may get a push in another (better) direction.

Here is a new LIVE version of "Message to you Rudy", taken recently in Haltern. The video is quite funny ... sharing are welcome !!! Thanks !!!

What a Weekend! On Saturday On we went straight to Haltern to play at the White Night. Around 4 hours face to face with the enthusiastic audience ... great vibes! We thank you so much!

We are playing again in the museum! Be entertained from the groove, from the reggae, from Herbpirates! About 2 hours danceable, cool stuff ... entrance free!!!

So we hope to see you there!!!

Listen to our new LIVE Video which is a cover from the good old Peter Tosh. Music recorded recently at Holzminden. The Video sequences are from different locations.

Enjoy and feel the vibes.

The Herbpirates

Holzminden we are coming soon! On Saturday the 3th March 2016 we will start first Gig in 2016. We have prepared some really nice Songs especially fort hi event. So you can be curious.... We are locking forward to see you!!!!

Here is a small taste of what you can expect.

Break on Trough (The Doors)


we wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2016.

We would like to say thanks once more to all our fans, which have supported us throughout 2015. You have been significant contributed to our success in 2015 and you made ​​it to an unforgettable highlight for us in our history. We certainly hope that you continue to support us in 2016, with so much enthusiasm and we are looking forward to see you when we are on stage again soon.
so long


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